Saturday, November 21, 2009

my dear hubby!

we went to get some crab...well to put the crab trap down a few times and come back.
Eric and Tony had been discussing earlier who was faster and if Dad could win a foot race...the walk to the pier had a big parking lot. There is a boat launch there, so the trucks could park there while the folks were out fishing. There was only us and two paramedics there. The paramedics were measuring for some exercises and training they were doing the next day.
Tony told Eric, come on lets race. The girls joined in also....Yeah, I had my camera, and put it on video...
here it is:

Luckily the paramedics were right there, as the abrasions were on both knees, one hand and one elbow. Bit of pain for the day, ripped pants and wounded pride. No tears, just toughed it out for some giggles around the campfire that evening.

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