Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NO learning, it's a HOLIDAY

Homeschooling! I sit here on Veteran's Day, and we announced last night, late bedtimes and no alarms, no school today. I am not teaching anything...ha ha I am in my robe, on my second cauldron of coffee and enjoying just playing.

I can't help it, I teach all the time;

1. This morning, Anna and I made egg sandwich with bagels, yummy and fun!
2. Eric and I had a discussion about the sentencing of a man who shot a neighbor two times, hid the body and said his gun misfired (twice). He was sentenced to 15 to life! He is 68years old.
3. Gabriel is on my computer playing zoo tycoon trying to figure out the animal habitat of African animals
4. Abby is hot on the trail in Carmen San Diego...where in the USA? and the little idioms they use, she has asked me 3 of their meanings.
You can have an official holiday on the calender, but it doesn't stop the learning.
See, even I am learning!


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RockinHSMom5 said...

Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by...I appreciate your kind comments about my school room. ;-)