Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Science in our house!

Home schooling is evolving, Eric is now teaching science. So much less stress, well at least for now!
We officially boxed up our science and history was all fill in the blank, then score, and test, and retest. We spent too much time getting the answer right but not knowing why or who this person was or did! I boxed it up.
We are now doing hands on science and reading of books (thank you Charlotte Mason) in the unit studies of American History. Right now we are in colonial time and merging into the westward expansion. We are reading the American diary series outloud; the boys do the boys and the twins read the girls. It is really neat, as their voices bring it alive. The enjoy it. I am then reading out loud the Magic Tree house Revolutionary War book...very quick read. It all goes together.
We made butter last week, (way cool) and had baked beans and cornbread to relive the food of colonial times.
Yesterday we all did the Oregon Trail cd game together...we caulked our wagons and crossed many rivers, climbed steep hills using proper gear, and sadly buried 2 of our party. It was a great way to learn the path.

I am hoping I can add these videos.

I hope it worked...I have another one...but this took forever to upload and process?


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