Sunday, November 1, 2009

November flies it..............whoosh..........

I am running around crazy and had to just sit and get it all together~my blog is a good way for me to piece my scrap life together~what I have done, and what needs to be done(which the list is bigger, but getting smaller quicker)
What's done:
As you know I am CTing (albeit without an official blinkie) for Alamama's Pressed Petals over at Scrap Matters. She has the most hilarious kit...well, it was for me. It is called 1st&Parkway, it is a city kit, but the colors make it versatile for just everyday things, Like Abby and her show and tell presentation.

But also in the kit is the awesome signal light that I had to scrap my dad getting caught in the red light camera's here in our town! I hope you laugh like I did:

Big News: I am creating for a new designer! Ruby Rynne aka French Ruby; who is actually Irish and lives in France. Ruby caught my attention due to her quick wit and intelligence with the language in explaining the digi world happenings...(some in the dark inner workings of digiland! ha ha)
I love her designs and am wanting to try ATC's~this is my first attempt: Abby doing school work, like a bird set free to learn and see all you can see!
I took a million pics of my kids last night with their hilarious costumes!

A bride, a scarecrow, a domino, and a homeless waif! I used Ruby's kit again and put one of her papers over the whole thing and made it an overlay for a cool sepia orangy look.

One of the perks of Ruby being at SBG, is the collabs! Oh my! I did two heritage layouts with their November Mega Kit; Impressions of Tradition. They are from the pictures I scan this past spring from my mom! I love to look at them, especially my aunts, as I can see myself and my mom in their faces.

I have a few things cooking! Challenges over at Creative Victorian, new layouts with a beautiful new kit made by request for me by dear Netta, Indian Rapture...stay tuned for this all tomorrow (I hope) lol

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