Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grids and maps!

Eric came in last night, with his glasses, and only one lens! AAAAAAAAAAAaargh!
I went on trampoline, and I could see, so I jumped off tramp, took off my glasses and put them in G's shoe(a whole nother story..ugh). I put them on and walked around the porch and noticed I couldn't see. The lens was gone!! I think it went under the porch.

So today we graphed out the back porch patio...

They all numbered the slats of wood. Each child did a row to make for easier mapping. (oh yeah, remember this is not just look for the missing lens, but school)
Chalk put to work~38 rows!Once the numbers were all in order, we then took some wood to draw straight lines to bring in cubes to help us. They were labeled by the alphabet. A thru K. We labeled them at top, half way and at the bottom.So now began the methodical search under the porch. The each were given a quadrant and had to go back and forth and up and down in order. To make it more exciting they had to map out and log the things they found under the porch. To name a few: tiny screw driver, numerous barbie shoes, nerf bullets, hair tyes, plastic knives and a lot of coins. They had to have another verify that the find was in the grid area, then log and label it on the grid map.Here is a view of the grid, and each circle is a find from one of the kids(labeled with initial and number) and the side is the list of items found and the location on grid. The blue squares are the pillars to the porch cover or pergola.
Well, we didn't find the lens. But we had a blast. The neighborhood kids all came over and they joined in trying to find the lens, and I smiled so hard as they explained the grid and how it worked.
This is homeschooling at its finest!



blogdude said...

You are one exceptional mom! What lucky kids to not only have you as their mother, but their teacher as well!

...but then again, I'm prejudice ;-)

Pressed Petals said... doubt yourself! YOu make others look bad!