Saturday, November 21, 2009

homeschool happens everywhere!

We spent the day at Bodega Bay (West Side Park), with my parents, and the kids were everywhere. We were there on Thursday, due to a bad storm coming in on Friday. I think we were there about 10 minutes and a man putting his boat in the water yelled out to my kids, "How come you guys arn't in school?" We are homeschooled came my oldest reply..."Well, that's not fair." was his response. Not, not fair to be out and about on a Thursday! Ah what a life this homeschool!
I am a very blessed lady, as my love for learning was given to me from my parents. Gabriel was wading in the bay...(oh yeah, it was cold, but him and the girls were in) and he picked up a closed clam shell. He loved the shell, I told him if he took it he had to eat it. He was all okay, lets do it.
Back to my parents RV site, where my dad the most awesomess Grandpa, put on some water and helped Gabriel learn about clams.

My parents are RV host for the park and live there most of the year. They have beautiful site that looks out on the bay. Grandpa got the pot out and begin to simmer the clam. He explained that if the clam was already dead...the shell would not pop open. If it was dead then eating it was out of the question.

It simmered and G watched closely. This was such a cool thing!
The bam! It opened. Grandpa took it out added some butter and salt.....

Gman took it with glee, and he tried it! It wasn't something he want again he said. But that shell is now all cleaned in bleach and every time he looks at it...he will remember learning!

Stay tuned for more pics of our trip!


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