Monday, December 1, 2008

It's a small world!

Okay, I think this is totally wow! I know, I know, I think most things are totally wow, but with an attitude like mine, ya' find yourself smiling alot too! I have been totally blown away at the far reaching tendrils (cool words huh?) of scrapbooking. I mean just look at the feed on my blog, people from Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, parts of Russia I sadly didn't even know existed. I look at the flags and am amazed at the countries represented by ladies with the hobby of scrapbooking.
So imagine my surprise when I am invited to a new CT and am introduced to the rest of the team members via email and I recieve an email back that says this:
I was just at your blog....

We might be neighbors!!!

Im in south YC
I'm thinking no way, I live in south YC! I was a bit wow, this is wierd then another from same lady, that she grew up in Napa (my hometown)! I mean the largeness of the world is brought right to my neighborhood!
I love the orchastration of life, and since ya'll know I am totally amazement of the orchastrator(my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ). I was blown away by it...and well you know me...I share these thoughts!
I have to finish rearranging my living room and dusting it and vacumning before taking kids to school. Tony gets off his 1st job at 8ish and will want to pray and study a bit before his 2nd job which starts at 11am.
I am going to rush thru the house and then try and do a flyer for my sweet Vanessa....I am gonna do it Freddie, I promise!
Hope you are all recovering from Thanksgiving and ready for the Christmas season!

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christine said...

Hello from the LAnd of Echantment!! Just wanted to say HI!