Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There is so much to blog about in the scrappin' world!

Okay! First off...we just came from opthomologist(big name for eye doctor). Gabriel, my 10 year old son had some major issues come up with his eyes...we have struggled with reading and school because of it...I have had to read the book to him at home(his comprehension is awesome) and his writing was horrible. He got a new prescription for glasses and it has been a good thing...But the doc thought he had prior damage in his optical nerve....lots of test over the past month...and today the doc said he is okay....wants to do one more test just to clear it all up...but feels rather comfy saying he is gonna be okay! whew...
Then scrap news...I have been sending application letters to CT's, new and established. I figure if there designs are "scrapable" I can scrap '
So I already told you about Doris Castle...she is so sweet and her team is fantastic! One lady actually lives in my town too! (see previous blog).
Then Sunday evening Carolyn Kite from Scrap-n-Tag invited me for her CT! I am on a month trial and I plan on working as hard as I do for Charlie and Jenny and hope to stay on! She has a beautiful kit; Glam Season and it is available at her store; Scrap-n-Tag. I downloaded it yesterday and did one layout last night and another this morning...was a dream to play with...
I thought you would be amazed to actually see me in a layout! ha ha...and you know me, the humble one, but gosh I thought I looked rather smart in that outfit and the kit just went together, but it is way weird to look at yourself for hours when you are doing a layout! ha ha
The twins got to be part of a fun layout with a new technique, after extracting, magic brush and so helps the extracted thing blend better! I have a few books from the library here I am devouring on elements! Expect new things in the future!
I am done applying as I want to be able to do my best for each designer.


Me said...

Looks great my scrapping friend! Everyone is away tonight, so I've been scrapping myself! C had her first day @ KT (our fave store). They said she did good. She likes it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

What a babe! Can I have your phone number???