Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fog rolls in!

The fog in the mornings here is so thick and beautiful. I drive the kids to school and we go by all these walnut orchards. The colors of the trees and the leaves that are remaining is a mix of haunting and gorgeous! I took the camera along the other day and after dropping the kids off I stopped and took a ton of pictures! This is one I loved, I played with some actions on the picture, learning the masking and how to use the black and white brushes to accent! I could spend hours on manipulating photos.I had applied and been accepted to a CT for actions with FafBr, and her stuff is beautiful, but not the type actions I was wanting to learn. She does these amazing actions, you hit the play in CS3 or 4 and bam, there is a frame...the frame in this picture is hers. I wanted to highlight it for her, as I am not able to stay on the CT...sadly. I hope you will go and see her can see the time and effort she puts into each one! Her designs are on sale at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking.
The rest of the layout is by JennyK, and her lovely kit Awash in Bronze. This kit draws me too it...I have all these thoughts about nature and am looking for the right words to do some word art...but so far nothing has inspired me to work on it! ha ha
My friend Wilma in Alamogordo sent me chocolate...not just Hersheys, but yummy chocolate that you can sit and relax and have it melt in your mouth! It is so good to have people in your life that think about you!
I almost forgot, Jenny has another freebie on her blog that goes with her Awash in Bronze kit. Pop over and get it and see the other amazing overlays. Click on the previes and it will bring you right to her blog.
I have been very busy with all the CT's and be watching my blog for exciting things to come!

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