Thursday, December 4, 2008

Totally blown away by this kit!

I opened this kit and was amazed. I mean it was like a huge party with tons of people bring presents and they all went together! I am not joking! There are folders inside folders...for elements broke down in ribbons, and mats and frames and more! Take a look at what you recieve with this kit:
(click on pic to take you right to the store) Attachments:
Clip (painted or with small notepaper)
Metal Brad
4 Flair Buttons
2 Hinges (large and small) and matching screw
Stapled Ribbon Tie
Patterned Duct Tape
Flowers & Bows & Ribbons:
4 Bow Flowers (blue, green, red & white)
1 Red Ribbon Bow
3 Tied Ribbons (red, green & blue)
Twill Ribbon with Season Wording (straight)
Twill Ribbon with Season Wording (bent)
3 Curled Scallop Ribbons (blue, green & red)
1 White String Loop
1 Blue Tied String Bead String
Frames & Swirls:
2 Corner Flourishes
2 Acrylic Frames (circle and rectangular)
1 Scalloped Glitter Frame
Snow Play:
Magic Snow Corner Flourish
Snow Squall
Snow Scene
Overlay of Falling Flakes
Overlay of a Snowy Edge
Snow Covered Sign Post
2 Glitter Snow Flakes
1 Acrlyic Snow Flake
3 Cut Snow Flakes
Pat, the Pitter Patter Penguin (dressed and not dressed)
Mats & More:
Felt Circle Felt Lace (large sized)
Glitter Label
3 Journaling Mats (green, red & blue)
Glitter Bulb
Flake Edged Note Paper
Small Circle Swirl
Alphabets – Create titles with 2 alphabets, in red and green.
Each alphabet includes letters in uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.
Plus 2 folders of papers! I mean it is full, full, full!
I am so excited to be on Doris Castle's CT. The members are funny and very supportive. I kinda freaked, because the kit is featured on the home page of DST and when I post my layouts, everyone will see it....I spent all afternoon looking at one layout...have made it and taken it apart so many times...
I hope to have at least one to upload tomorrow....

on the homefront, I made the most awesome fajitas tonite...we finally figured out how to make the tortillas taste better here (other than me making from scratch). We BBQ them! Seriously! I take 12 tortillas from the store and grill them and they are yummy! Silly Californians, don't cook their tortillas! ha ha!
Tomorrow, a full day, people for dinner and I have the most awesome milk butter rolls, that actually come out soft. I made 24 today, and 12 disapeared rather quick!
It is wicked wet cold out for me! I need to aclimate to the humid cool weather soon!
ohhhhhhhhhhhh! We might have a Christmas tree tomorrow!!! For Free! will let you know! I am so excited...I can't keep a secret to save my life!

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eilajean said...

Hi Anne,

thanks for stopping by. The Grand Tetons are just at the Southern part of Yellowstone Park. I recommend you go. They are in Wyoming, as is most of Yellowstone. It crosses into Montana to the North. It is some of the most beautiful landscape ever! I used to live just off the the Northeast entrance in Cooke City, MT. Now that is a remote little town. Look it up on Google sometime.

HAve a great day - the fajitas sound good...