Friday, December 19, 2008

Gotta tell you about this!

A year ago, my friend Christine and I sat in her dining room, with my laptop and external drive, and I taught her elements as she made her Christmas card as her first layout...we both knew I was leaving soon, we didn't know where. My husband wanted to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our pastor and church (Christine also goes there) were prepared to send us. Life began getting crazy with packing on my end and Christine started homeschooling both her kids...
We wound up moving to northern California, and she stayed in southern New Mexico.
We finally got settled in and I wanted to rekindle the scrapbooking I had done in New Mexico and keep in touch via an old blog I had used when scrapbooking prior. Christine started blogging did a challenge to make a layout with color selection...I did it and became hooked to the digi world of scrapping and the people in it. I jumped in, and started learning more, and watched the layouts of my dear friend known in the digi world as Alamama. I have seen the talent of Alamama for years. She pours her heart into the things she does. Her mind is full of things that need to be seen, because they are original and beautiful.
We joke about her creativity and my nuts and bolts of something...we are a good team, I can teach her things in a normal not over your head words...but using words like the squishy thing that gets bright and she understands...ha ha
Yesterday she did her first template, and it is awesome, I mean awesome. It had a few nuts and bolts on the techi side that I tightened, and her talent begins to be shown. Please pop over to her blog and pick it up....leave some love or better yet click on her ads...each ad click helps her to buy CU items that she can use to make more and better things!
I did a layout with this template from Carolyn Kite's beautiful kit Winter Wonderland. The rounded squares you see are not elements, but papers, that is how rich the papers look. I have linked the template preview with Alamama's blog; Pressed Petals. Go get the template and play with it! This is the first of many things to come from her! You hold on to it!
I am honored to have worked with her first template, but more honored to have her as a friend. Not a surface friend, but one who has seen me at my worst, best, saddest and happiest and has not given me "nice" words, but words I needed to hear. She prays for me and my family and has a vision for Jesus Christ that is tangible in her life. I love this lady and so hope you enjoy her talent!

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Me said...

Ok, now I need tissue!!! What can I say...Thank you Anne! You've just made all of the headache worth it!