Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zero Rules in Art Journaling! and blantant beg to Holliewood Studios!

First the announcement!!!

 Paula Kesselring asked me to be on her team!! I have spent most of my allowance on her designs and now I get them for FREE! I said YES, oh YES, then made a page immediately! hahah
You know I was wanting it to be like a butt kicker of a page, the first impressions and all! oh I saw
Paula's  wicked cool Summer Beach,
 and it has all the fun things you would expect in a beach kit, but it has the best Beach Babe! I feel in love with her, as we have the same girlish figure, so here she is in all her glory:

Doesn't that make you just giggle?
Then the DigiDare Devilish Diva's threw down this gauntlet for the Dare this week!  I saw some fun things in Paula's store over at Catscrap! Just go through the store and grab!!I also used some of my stash from the wickedly talented Holliewood Studios, whom I pay for kits, unless she finds it in her heart to have me as a CT one day! hint hint!! See, lookie, I even linked to you HOllie, you need me!!

So go laugh, create and get out of the box!

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