Friday, August 5, 2011

True Love Waits

I opened this kit; Love in the Park by eNKay Designs and just pondered.  Nathalie is a new to me designer and I love the crispness and bright feel to her designs. 
There were a few elements I knew without a doubt I was going to use, the clouds and the remarkable word art in the ink splots.  I love the backwards LOVE and the feel to it.  I doodled and played and really planned on putting a photo in her gorgeous red frame, but I needed something...and the phrase true love waits popped in my head.  This is a commitment of purity til marriage,  that I believe will bless marriages and others.  The media and others tell us to go for it.  I know different.  I have seen the ravaged emotional lives of those that didn't wait.  I know this is just a page on a scrapbook blog, but it is a truth that I hope others will grab.
~never lose your joy!

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