Thursday, August 11, 2011

Street Children of Nepal

Viva Artistry created this kit; Katmandu Love Charity

to benefit the street children of Nepal/Tibet via SEWA, a foundation of volunteers who bring assistance to Nepal. The Vi part of The ViVas (Vivienne) former neighbor is an amazing man named Harry who helps those in need in whatever way he can. He takes handicapped people on unique tours of Nepal and Tibet, he helps an orpanage in Katmandu with support for daily supplies. He even helped to develop a hotel in the area which can handle handicapped people ( He told Vi once of a blind man he guided throughout the region and how he had to explain the views and sights. Harry gave Vi many of the images that we used in this kit. All proceeds will go to SEWA ( Check their site to see what they are doing.
 I made this page for the ViVa's after downloading the kit, and then going and researching the abuse of the street children in Nepal.  I was blown away, it hurt my heart as a mom to adopted children out of foster care, I know abuse first hand, but their is not much hope for these children, and that is sad. 

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