Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dog, , dog, dog, wow!

Okay, we talked about a dog on returning to Alamo, and figured after a few months we would settle in and find the right dog.  So, about a week here, I found a FREE little dog, named Boo. 
Under all that fur is a yorkie, poodle.  She is a fluff ball, and I know she has eyes.  We took her last week to get groomed, and we had to go way short to get all the mats out, but she is so tiny:
Oh I could just roll laughing at the difference! 
Then yesterday, another dog shows up for adoption. This time it was a miniature schnauzer. I talked with the owner for a long time, and we set up a foster for the day.  We picked up Tessie (all 13 pounds of her chubby self) from McDonalds this morning and brought her home.  She is doing great. 
Boo is tolerating her at this moment.  But they are enjoying life. Tessa has one ear that stays down and the other is straight up, it makes me laugh so hard:

Boo and Tessie are doing fine.  Tessie pees about 12 times outside and Boo runs behind and pees in same spot. They should be friends soon, or dehydrate in the process? haha
Bha ha, look at Tessie's ear? Hilarious! The foster time is now ended and Tessie has found a forever home.


Romy (Studio Romy) said...

if I know you at least a bit, you will you be adding kids to the family at the same rate!! lol
they look so happy!!

Pressed Petals said...

oh cute! what is boo's cut called? I need to get charlie done.

Mariah said...

You sure didn't let the grass grow under you feet! haha! So cute. Love that ear!