Monday, August 8, 2011

I am hoping to really stir you to pick up that pen and paper,
or stare at those letters on your keyboard and start clicking.


What comes immediately to your mind??? I went and found some images from my dear friend Google! These are just to stir you, not set in stone. You can see the picture of the chicken and the egg? Which came first? I was thinking in scrap pages, sometimes we put the picture first, over the journaling. ! Sometimes words are the hardest on a page, so I am gonna ask you to try something this month a bit different.

Let’s do the journaling first.

Don’t worry about a photo, just get those words out. There is not a minimum or a maximum, they are YOUR words.

Make a text box and just start writing.

Here are a few opening lines you can choose from if you wish:

I remember the first time I …………………………………
The first day …..
My first paycheck…..
The first move was…
Our first house…..
First off, …….
It does NOT have to be about you, it can be about someone else also. But let’s try and get that word first into your journaling and try to do that first!

You can then play and add elements at will, if you have a picture or more to add, please do so!!
If you are a template addict, try and add that journaling box prior to gathering your fun things.

Here is my example to show you what came first in my head:

I played with Wendy Page's Summer Funk

Please if you have any questions, leave them on the forum thread and I will answer to the best of my ability!! I am really excited and so hope you play with me!

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eilajean said...

My husdy makes the coffee the night before... so when I walk down the hall (well, aroundthe corner) to the kitchen... it is already there. Hi Anne. Trying to mange my facebook game addiction and get myself back in the mode to create something tangible. We have had such a big year, so much joy, and a bit of sadness thrown in. Time for me to display it in photos. Hope you are well ♥♥♥

the ever missing eilajean