Thursday, May 26, 2011

Next Stop-HOME

We are closing down my computer in a few minutes.  It is Thursday, the house is clean and packed. We pick up the truck in the morning.  We will load the truck, have lunch and drive 5 hours to Bakersfield, California. 
Saturday we hope to make it as far into Arizona as possible, probably a few hours short of Phoenix. This is our longest day. 
Sunday we go to Wilcox and regroup, have the kids swim and sleep really good.  A late breakfast for Monday, and arrive in Alamogordo hopefully about lunch time. 
We are excited that there is a revival in progress in our church, and I invite you to join us at 7PM for services on the corner of 16th and Florida @ the Potter's House!
We don't move to our new home til the 1st of June, and our internet will not be hooked up until the 3rd at the soonest.  I hope to update you all on the adventures on the ride home then!

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Crystal Jeffers said...

I hope that you all have a wonderful trip home.