Wednesday, May 25, 2011


" I am thankful that in God's design he planned it so your path crossed mine."

My friend Peggy and her hubby came down from Oroville last night and we had Japanese fast food, and then to the house to laugh and reminisce over the last few years and rejoice that we are friends.

Peggy is a giver, I mean she loves to give and what she finds is always perfect, I mean she spends time finding the exact right thing.  I was almost speechless with this beautiful necklace.  It is an infinity necklace. 
I love it.
The first quote is on the necklace and then in the box is these additional words:

Finding one true friend in life is good fortune, 
but keeping them is a true blessing.

I am very fortunate and blessed to count Peggy Jamison as my friend.
I will miss her most of all I believe, she and her hubby have labored and prayed for No. California, and I feel a bit bummed not to stick it out as they have. They are made of some strong stuff and God is just beginning to pour out major revival in Oroville. Please my friends throughout, mention their town and them by name to God for blessings and revival!

Good bye for now Peggy, but I know conferences are not far in between!

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