Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cut! ACTION!! This wasn't in the scripT??

We are going back to Alamogordo.  We have been here  over 3 years, and it is time to recharge our spiritual batteries!  Now, hey, chin up buckaroos, we are flaming excited! We worked hard, laughed and loved here in California! As a family, we have grown so close, especially with the homeschooling, and doing ministry together, as sometimes hey we were the only ones there!
My own walk with God, turned to a gallop, a slow steady walk and a pace that was refreshing and just a blast! I seriously have learned to pray all over again, for my husband, my church, family and people in general.  I also have to say, our marriage is stronger than it has ever been.  We were wise in our financial decisions here, and go home to Alamogordo with no debt, and a truck full of blessings.  Our children screamed with excitement, as they have a church full of friends waiting for their return.  They will be returning to public school with the ability to do their work, they are officially "caught up" and actually a bit ahead of the game! 
Leaving California is hard because my parents are here, and that is Grandpa and Grandma, and being close to them has been a joy.  My throat closes up with that big tear ball thinking about leaving them. But they have taught us to be independent and as my mom says, " we have phones!" She brings it to the point!
The other is my friendship with people who have invested in our lives here also.  We have been blessed by their prayers and ability to laugh right along side us! Churches in the area that have labored beside us, and we have prayed and felt their prayers for us.  They continue to fight the good fight, and are heroes in our eyes!
We pull out of California the 28th to try and make Bakersfield, then to get as far into Arizona as possible that Sunday.  Making it to Casa Grande or Tucson Monday will be our goal, and then to pull into Alamogordo Tuesday.  We have a house (almost positively) waiting, and willing arms to unload our truck that Wednesday!
We will hit the ground running and just keep doing what we love to do, Serve the Living God that has given it all for us.  We will serve in another location, doing different jobs, but we will serve. 
Please, please pray for us these next few weeks as we close everything down here, and get things going in New Mexico.  Specific traveling on the Memorial Day Weekend, and Tony to find a  job.  We are really wanting a Mon-Friday day job with a set schedule.  Of course good pay is nice, but we are sitting pretty darn good and can make it on about minimum! That has got to be a miracle, we did it in California! woot!
I will be posting pics and tell about the adventure in June!


KK said...

Praying everything comes together safely and speedily for all of you! Moving is such a grand adventure even when returning to a familiar area. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt God has great things for your family! Can't wait to hear all about it!

blogdude said...

"Woot"??? That's two woots in two blog posts!!! Where in the world did you get that word? Is it a sound or a word?....You think you know somebody.....;-)