Thursday, June 9, 2011

a long long long drive home

We left May 27th right after lunch.  All packed and ready!
 This is my view leaving nor-cal! I had to take a pic! Then a close up of my view from California to New Mexico!
Saturday we made it to Arizona! Can you see the sign?

The boys were so funny in the van.  The truck was too loud for games, and too bouncy, so the boys talked the girls into swapping and they got an extra day in the van.
The first night we were in Bakersfield and this car parks right behind us! I was just perplexed at why they did it? We learned that we have to plan better to get out in the morning.  Tony was awesome and backed up and pulled out and then had to back out of the whole parking lot.  Crazy, but we were all cheering for him!

Whoops we goofed, this was our long day, and we stopped at the Comfort Inn, and not the Comfort Suites we had planned on, that was a mile further.  It wasn't the nicest hotel, but the pool was fun and we were closer to home!
Ha ha, notice no Penske in front of me?? I couldn't handle it anymore, and well I wanted to be first in New Mexico!  The girls agreed and we giggled as we whooshed by Dad and the boys!!
We were almost home, but the dust storm 3 hours out just wore us out, so we stopped in Willcox, Arizona.  It is a little town, with the most comfy beds and a nice hot breakfast with the sweetest lady.  Home was closer!

Passing the Continental Divide was just cool beyond.  I don't know why I am impressed with this, but I am!
We are home, and the view of my honey in the PENSKE:


Crystal Jeffers said...

We all thought it was awesome to pass the Continental divide too! The kids got totally excited. :)

Pressed Petals said...

cool photos! love the last one. glad to have you home!

Mariah said...

Glad you made it safe and sound! Love that Arizona sign! That's MY home..I'll be seeing it on Monday morning! We're going to Tucson conference, leaving Sunday night after church for the LOOOONGGG 14 hour drive. We do it this way every June for Tucson and every January for Prescott. I drive first til about 4 am to Palm Springs while Dave sleeps and then we switch and he drives the rest of the way. It's grueling but oh so worth it when we get there! Something about seeing that "Welcome to Arizona"sign with the state flag gives me a thrill! But don't get me wrong...I LOVE Norcal and wouldn't want to be anywhere but smack dab in the middle of the will of God. Something about "home" though, ya know? Home=a place where they know your name and they are glad you came! :-) BTW, please keep blogging!! ...maybe I should do the same :-S

Bobbi said...

I miss our chats on THL. I haven't been there in ages, and finally am making my way back. I see you've moved. We went from TX to ND, to KS and now in Amarillo...not sure how long we will be here. Hoping to get back to Austin area or back to KS. (left my oldest there)

What part of NM are you in? We are so close to NM currently, but again who knows how long we'll be here!

Hope you are well. You can find me on FB too.