Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lady Fluffypants finds a Home

Yesterday we had the garage sale of all garage sales! We got rid of EVERYTHING! I am so amazed and happy about that. One of the items that left made me cry, our cat Lady Fluffypants went home with a new owner.  Geez, I have a bit of a lump just typing this, but this is the end of the saga of the cat that came to our home.
We moved here to California, March 2008.  The second day we were here, this fluffy black and white cat walked up to me, did a handstand and flipped on her back so I could rub her belly.  I tried to pick her up, but she didn't want anything to do with that.

One of our neighbors, told us she had been abandoned by neighbors and her name was Lady.  She was spayed and that if we wanted her........oh no, we could not have pets.

Northern California, especially inland where we are in the agricultural center gets wicked hot.  We would look outside and our big sprinkler would be doing it's arc across the yard, and Lady would be drinking water out of it, oblivious that cats are not supposed to like water.

My hubby looked out and saw that and said, okay, you can feed her, but I don't want her in the house. 
So, I fed her, and she slept in the van! She was hilarious! Then the rains came, and I let her in, but she wouldn't leave the front foyer of the house.  I added to her name, she was now Lady Fluffypants, because of her fluffy pantaloon fur on her legs.

But, Tony was liking her, because she was invisible really, and didn't make a fuss.  I loved her so much, cause she made me smile. She would actually run over to me to get a pet, and loved to be picked up and held.  She would just purr and purr. 

Before we knew it, she was on our Christmas card as part of the family, and sleeping by my legs on the bed at night.  Well, she kept sleeping on the bed after we got up:

She then made her place on my computer desk, and would beg for Kitty Treats:
Yeah she was spoiled, and loved to drink out of anything that wasn't a cat bowl, I had been watering the little plants by my desk, and left the water on the desk.
Her head is all the way in there! Goober.  Yesterday a young boy, that went to school with my kids years ago, wrapped Lady in a towel, and took her away.  I broke down and cried and cried. 
 She came in our lives and brought much laughter and amusement.

Now she goes, and I will always remember her fluffy pantaloons!
I missed you a ton this morning Lady Fluffypants! Victor, take care of her!

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Crystal Jeffers said...

ahh Anne, saying goodbye to our beloved pets is so hard sometimes. I just know that Victor is going to appreciate her and love her so much!