Thursday, April 21, 2011

The twins are done! woot

I goofed and posted this on my scrap blog!
I was up almost all night surfing and reading and making final decisions for my children's education.  Due to being with a charter, we are really blessed to get some curriculum that might not have happened without their financing.  We have made some decisions, in Science that we can not bear up with the secular science view that there is not ONE Creator.  So, on this we pay our own way, and that is okay. So our schedule written not in stone, but what looks like is gonna work:
For Absolutely and BoBanna will be 12 and starting 6th grade:Math Math-U-See, and will be doing Zeta at a normal and regular pace.  We are finally caught up and they are right where they should be academically with California Standards.  I am rather proud of them in how hard they worked. We also use ALEKs.Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. That means it is a supplement math for them to do that is written like Star Testing, and the vocabulary and skills are all on the computer.  I am looking forward to seeing the scores from their tests because of ALEKs
English-Grammar, we are sticking with Easy Grammar and doing Grade 6, and also doing the Daily Grams through the Summer.I can not yell loud enough about how Easy Grammar brought fun to the English language! I learned and my girls learned and they can almost do it without my help now! I love that idea!
Spelling is something the girls have really grasped and they started this book Spelling (Spectrum) last month, we are doing it at a real casual pace, and they will work it next year also. We had used Spelling Power, and then Word Wise (dry, boring and just ugh), and the girls do fine with this.  It is more of a time filler, when I need to work with Gman or Mr. E.
They spell fine, and I think with the History and Science we have planned, their word knowledge will increase.
Writing.  Since we are up to date finally on our core classes, and seem to have a pretty good routine going now, we needed a Writing program that would be a good start for the girls.  They are not strong readers in the comprehension area, so I am going a bit below their grade level and we are going to use  Excellence in Writing, Level A.  I like it, as there is a teacher and CDs for classroom, and I can work with them, and have the back up of learning how to teach it with support from a YAHOO forum and CDs to watch for me. I think this is going to be a good plan for my girls.  They have such wonderful imaginations and need encouragement. It is reasonable, and I can even get an extra notebook for under $20, that alone is great.
We already have Story of the World Volume 2, but I am not a fan of the activities, but like the stories, but still wanted more, and I found it in History Odyssey Middle Ages Level 1. This is written for up to 4th grade, and my girls will thrive here, to strengthen their comprehension, and outlining skills. It uses the Story of the World as a spine within the plan and that is a great thing.  We have the Kingfisher's book already, and just have a few extra books to pick up, and the others are available at the library. I really think this is going to be a fun time for my girls.  I really want them to enjoy History, and there is a book, Activity Guide for Knights and Damsels, that is so perfect for them.  I am looking forward to their smiles come History.
Science.  Oh we struggled to find something that Mom could understand and also held our conviction of In the beginning, God created.  He is our Creator, and finding Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space.  We are almost done with Biology of the same author and we loved it.  It is very bare bones, and it works for us.  Gman did it with us this year, and he isn't a real science guy, but it was good.  I am a bit wary, as this to me is the most boring aspect of Science, so I am looking forward to enjoying it.
We are looking into Kaplan, for reading comprehension, English and Language booklets to help the girls come State Star Testing.  This will just be extra work to do to keep their brains working and to help them.
The girls are going to have an elective this year!! They are doing voice.  Not exactly sure how this works, but it is with theater and vocal training.  I have a call into the vendor here in our town, and we will have to wait and see.

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