Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love it when it all comes together!!!

I opened a new 12x12 and three pics
1. Raining like mad, headed out on vacation
2. that is the tow truck driver hooking up our broke down van
3. In rental car, same storm still unleashing gushers of rain!
This is something that needs to be scrapped and I wanted it to be grungy and crazy, so I opened up my
The ViVa Artistry file (which is in my The Digi Chicks folder) and found some cool things to toss on the page:
Otaku-I have it named Magma, bha ha ha, it is a Japanese cartoon kinda wild kit, that is so grungy it is perfect for most everything

Industry collab with Studio Gypsy-oh sad day that Miss Lisa retired, but oh I have this kit full of metal pipes and faucets and other wonderful things, and you can still get this at the Digi Chick! woot

Contemplations-this is a go to kit of the ViVa's and I think eep it may be retired...but I have it...hee hee
Okay I went and begged the ViVa's to make something that was in my head, but they laughed at me, and I was okay with that, cause I luvs them and know that the next thing that they make I will love it!
So now I am forced to search my stash of things, and things can always, always, always be found in the Thing Finder by the great Hollie of Holliewood Studios:
It is very, very hard for me to do a page without using my boss and buddy's designs, Tangie Baxter.  Now I have almost everything this woman has ever put out, but I adore her Tempest tossed and the clouds are by far the most majestic.  I did not use the lightning in this kit, but for the record, it is fantastic!
I think if I got rid of all the fonts on my machine, I could seriously live with just the ones from Tangie's Foundry! I used DoDo and Frogfoot from Tangie and then on the pipe, I used 1942 Report (a freebie everywhere): 
So after a few hours of rearranging, blending and laughing at the day, I was happy with the layout, are you ready??
The rain was crazy,
and we were in a flood watch warning, on our way to San Jose. The van chunged and made the noise we have come to recognise as
Tow truck called, back to town, rental car, van at mechanics and back on the road, laughing and rolling with the punches.
I hope you enjoyed my little blurb about the page and go have fun, make a page that is fun for you, pull out things in your stash and laugh while scrapping!

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Romy said...

totally crazy mix of stuff put together in a great page!!

I used to live in SJ :-))