Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making pages! Now you have to go buy the kits...see how this works??

My The Digi Chicks is still just as fun.  Who know that a site CT gig could be so much fun? Well, obviously a whole bunch of you do and did cause you are on them, but I didn't and know I do, and it is so cool to pick a new designer and create a fun and completely different layout. I had 3 days of mojo soaking, and it was perfectly lovely. 
Open a canvas and bam, pages are made, smiles and happy.
Started with this one of Mr. E and myself many years ago, this is a page, that will be printed in a miscellaneous book, and I can hear him laughing at Mr. Roboto.

This one started out as a template and I flipped it.  Fiddle dee dee (cheryl of the gonewiththewind) Designs, she is one remarkable scrapper, and it was fun to use her templates, they are really good.
Here is the chick in it's new prison, I mean home.
full credits
This one is my hubby, who when we are on road trips, takes pictures of himself with the most hilarious faces! I used the same kit as the above layout and that is always a good sign for a kit, when you can do lots of pages!  I also used a template by Studio 68! That is my friend Chengie, and she is very good at what she does!!  Go to her store and buy everything now.
This is another template by Studio 68 and a kit by Mye De Leon who is very sweet! Mye is at The Digi Chick and it is cool, cause long ago she asked me to be on her team.  I politely declined, but I loved working with her kit.  She is good! So now I get to work with them and her so it all worked out nice.
These are a couple girls at church that I love and they are a pair!

Being on The Digi Chick CT team is pure fun and from it I scored a fabulous team with ViVa ARtistry, I seriously think they are one of the best designers on the up and coming. You watch them, their work is tight and beautiful.  I love to work with the textures they make.  I can not wait to get the pages I have made printed.  This was done as a kind of shocker, and I admit, I had to giggle when I got a comment at DST, that I looked real good.  tee hee...

This next one is not a CT layout, it is one I have been working on for a few months, my boys playing risk, I used so many different kits, and even gasp bought a few! lol

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Sandra said...

Anne, you rock!! whether or not as a goth mama, but these pages are awesome!!
and thanks for the enabling hehe