Friday, April 15, 2011

I love my friends blog top! Pressed Petals

My real life friend over at Pressed Petals has the coolest top to her blog.
I love hers because it just like her family, down to her delightful Mary Janes! I made my kids pose today with their new shoes.  We drove to Vacaville, about an hour to an outlet mall.  They have Vans at a screaming good price, and buy one and get the other at 1/2 price.  Some of them are only $10! I was so happy.  I know my kids love these shoes, and the last ones the boys got, well they lasted double what their shoes usually last. 
I had them on the swing out front, and since they were feeling so grateful for the shoes, I took advantage and took more pictures:
Aw, come on guys, pretend to be happy!

They are killing me!

No, I think they want to kill me!

Okay you all win! 
LIttle Punks!
The really do gang up on me!

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alamama said...

ahhh...thanks! what funny photos. so glad that your kids get tired of posing too. where are the posts on your big digi day?