Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Catch Up!

We have birthdays July (Mr. E), August (Abs and Annabo) and September (G-man).  I ask you to sit and enjoy a quick view of those special days this year!
I think I did Eric's, but my memory is fading, so here is all 4's in a birthday recap:
Eric chose cash over presents this year! He is growing up!
My kids are a bit addicted to cake balls:
Eric ate 14 of them! I could gag! But he may be 14, but he still gets that smear of chocolate around his mouth like he did when he was 4! I love that part!

August brings the girls giggles to an all time high.  Having your birthday on a Sunday is tight! They had to wait until after morning service and after eating (the girls chose Red Robin...yummmmmmmmmmm) for presents, since they had already received the cruiser bikes earlier.
A straightener for their hair was a happy gift, but the best came from their brother who was pretty happy about being able to give (he is a lawn mowing man in our neighborhood and making some pocket change)
The girls squealed when they saw the present from Eric:

Individual bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos! I mean they SQUEALED!! I took a picture of Gabriel to capture his emotions:
Ah, the fact that he was still 11 and his younger sisters were 11 was not sitting well!  He had to wait 19 days for his birthday, it was torment.
Later that day, the girls also had yeah, cake balls (insert insane mother)
We were out of candles, from the old teen ager using them the girls got ghetto candles, matches shoved in the cake ball, one each for 11...bha ha haha

Finally, Gabriel's big day turning 12 happened.  He barely slept for the two days prior.  He was beyond excited about the day and more excited about this thing called a RIP stick? He is so good on this thing. 
I was ready for the cake balls this time!! Too ready!! We had candles, but the darn things were so cold, Tony had to drill holes with a skewer, so the candle could go in!
But G was happy, as he isn't a big sweet eater anyways, so Eric took some pictures of the big blow out the candles:

He only wanted 4, good thing, cause those candles were a fight to get in the ball!  So after a lovely meal of grease and carbs at Gabriel's choice at Long John Silvers, we had cake balls! they are done for this up...oh yes, mine!! oh hmmmm


Julie (It is.) said...

You need to do one 2page layout for these, and then you will be caught up!

Pressed Petals said...

Happy irthday x4!
We got the package late yesterday! Thanks!
BUT what is the sink stopper for?

Keri Jo said...

Happy birthday kiddo's!

The cake balls sound delicious, post the recipe sometime :)