Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom Declares In-Service Day

Not even a full month into school, and I declared NO SCHOOL today! Why? Here is my TO DO list for today:

1. Reinstall Printer to my new to me computer (Hubby gave me his, and transferring all my stuff onto it!) DONE thank you dear hubby for fixing my problem...darn protection thingees

2. Story of the World mailed to my friend. (See it is going out today, I promise Christine)
2a. Go to Post Office BOXed- will be at P.O. tomorrow am

3. Letter to a friend in need, with pics (if my printer cooperates) oh the pain, she wrote me today...and I have heaps of guilt, will sit tonight and pour my heart out to her! Yeah! I wrote a 2 page letter and sent pictures!!

4. Checkbook-reconcile (if I get quicken to agree with new computer) Pushed to tomorrow!  Quicken up to date! checkbook tomorrow morning

5. Do the next 6 week calendar pages for homeschool.  (Sounds hard, but it is just a daily do list for the kids, we check off as we complete) Thursday evening after our ES(helper for Charter) comes.

6. Move books from HS rolling cubbie to the bookcases hubby got me from Craigs List.  Have I mentioned how spoiled I am?? uhm nope  Well they are no longer in the cubbie, and stacked in the living room, 1/2 in the bookcase

7.  Chickens.  Wings Clipped and tractor moved! Have to wait til they are, so will do when Hubby has next day off, but he moved the chicken tractor for me!! woo hoo

8. Hooks up in girls room DONE
 (is actually on DH honey do list)

9.  Find out where and hours of dump, for hubby-clearing side yard with the boys. DONE-side yard is beautiful....all the broken down things are gone!!

10. Kids are swapping beds and cleaning rooms top to bottom! Loads of laundry! Smell of clean sheets!
DONE-12 loads of laundry, sheets, curtains, blankets and towels!  Scrubbed baseboards in both rooms.  Kids brought out 3 huge black bags of stuff, plus a box full for Goodwill!

11. Fun tasks for Tangie-DONE with some, can play more later

12. Take pics of desk.  Have to wait til I hang my LAUGH and clock! Clock hung, and LAUGH also, pics taken!

13. Prep for phone calls tomorrow.  Orthodontist for Gabriel, Yearly check ups for all 4, Eye doc appointments. Total put off til next Monday!!

It was a full day! I am totally exhausted and looks like Wendy is cooking tonight! I have to go to Walmart still for laundry detergent! lol,
WEnt to WINCO at 4am~

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Pressed Petals said...

good for you! looking forward to the books! thanks!