Friday, September 10, 2010

Flying Pigs and Patient Grasshoppers? Tangie what??

Tangie Baxter is ONE amazing woman! I am on almost a daily basis awed by her creativity and ability to (it seems to me) wave a magic wand and magic happens.  A kit full of wonder.  This weeks was no exception.
First up, is Patience Grasshopper.  Oh yeah, I see David Caradin, with the pebble in his hand, talking with his disciple.  But this kit, takes the phrase, Patience Grasshopper and brings it to our lives.

My son, Eric is now 14, and he really is a responsible boy.  He has these moments of just contemplating.  I caught one in a picture last month, and have wanted to scrap it for a while:
(just a note, the frame is from Creashen and I bought it!!! Now, don't faint)
So............this next already scrolled to see is just fun, fun, fun!  I fell in love with the fluffy piggies!  It is called This Little Piggy!

Now these are both mini-kits, but so full of frivolity, you can really play!  I did two layouts.  We finally got CS5 and I had been watching tutorials all night.  I finally have text paths.  I had a blast playing, and I know I will go overboard on the bells and whistles, but they are fun!
and then this one also: notice the overdose of text paths...

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Julie (It is.) said...

It's good to do a little overdoing - that way you don't forget how to do it!

Nice to see you got your mojo back :)