Saturday, April 10, 2010

rearrange TIME!!

Those who have known me for years have seen me on rearrange time...rooms have been known to become changed completely and if I have paint...hold on tight! Our landlord's graciously reimburse us for paint. I had done the kitchen and what is supposed to be the eat in kitchen area. You can see where I stopped, as the whole house is flat white...ugh. I have creamy yellow now. I was using it as an office to scrap, homeschool and cook in! Bad idea...keeping the area clean was hard:

A bit of rearranging and new beautiful curtains changed my office into a fridge/counter and lovely dining area...will work great for school come Monday (we are on Spring Break). I finished painting the ceilings and all the walls! I love it so much!NOW!!
We were doing okay with the way it was arranged, but the hutch has our homeschool stuff, papers and everything else was waaaaaaaaaaaay away from my office area...and everything was becoming piles of piles. I don't do well in piles...I like organization and right thing in right place. This keeps me from twitching.BEFORE
So my office is right next to the hutch of homeschool material, books, papers, curriculum and my scrapping!! See that white blanket? That is the cat's, Lady Fluffy Pants sleeps there while I scrap late into the evening!
Eric's desk is inbetween where the 3 are working at the table and closer to us as a group! This was important, as one of the greatest perks of homeschooling is being with my kids!! The room absolutely glows now!!This is my view from my office area! I love it!
I scrubbed the floor and then put down 2 coats of wax, so it is glistening! Aaaah...all organized and ready for back to school on Monday!



Scraps of Candy said...

Hey, what did you do with the people??? :)Did they not make the model cut for the after pics?

Anonymous said...

Wow--beautiful! I especially love the yellow paint in the kitchen. It's so cheerful! Such a wonderful feeling to finish a big job like that.

-- Sabra

Julie (It is.) said...

LOL, Candy - no one is allowed to mess it up! Beautiful, Anne! Enjoy :)

Dani said...

I envy you. To not only homeschool but keep things organized? I'd lose my mind homeschooling and I fail miserably at organization. Everything looks great!

Pressed Petals said...

looks good my friend!

blogdude said...

I think you missed a spot in 2nd may want to get after it!

Sandra said...

where do you find the energy Anne? wow, talk about a transformation!
love the LAUGH word on the wall!