Wednesday, April 28, 2010

our conference starts tomorrow!!

We head to San Jose tomorrow for our area pioneer pastor conference!! This is a real refreshing time...both in preaching and seeing the ladies I met a year ago!! The conference starts in the Thursday in the day we try to go someplace in the bay area!
I am so excited as tomorrow we are going into SAN FRANCISCO! We have been here 2 years and I drove by once, but haven't been in the city since we got here! I love this place!!!!
We are going here:We studied the how and why the people of San Francisco and Marin County built this beautiful bridge! Tomorrow we are going to drive across it, then park and walk across!! Not all the is 5 miles long and a bit windy, and it sways! One side will be the Pacific Ocean the other the San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz!! So much history and excitement! We are all excited!
This is up at the north west side of the bay area, and just an hour or so from San Jose! We have packed a cooler full of fried chicken and snacks to enjoy in the city!


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