Monday, April 19, 2010

Comment Junkie-admit are you!

Okay, I love to get a comment on my layouts, I admit it...but not the kind you solicited. I do play the praise game at DST, and so I get the "nice" and "tfs" folks but I ignore I horrible? I leave comments that are sometimes long rambling stories. I write like I talk, although now that I am learning Grammar with my kids, I am trying really hard not to end my sentences with a preposition.
That was the lead in paragraph, here is the meat:Last week I saw this layout:Now I read the credits. I love to see the names of the designers (because alot were on CTs with me long ago). Plus I am a CT junkie and like to see designers work in action. I don't usually buy things. (long story, but lets just agree that I am cheap)
So I leave this comment: are you the cindy of the cindy's templates? this layout is so fantastic..
This turned into a hilarious back and forth PMs from Cindy. She is rather awesome. She pointed me to a freebie template to try:
Now, I am really just learning the fun of templates. I had a blast playing with Sine's when she was selling at Scrap Orchard. Sine had wild shapes and such. Cindy makes templates not confusing. If you have tried templates in the past and the layers (especially multi-photo ones) can be more of a pain. I played and really enjoyed the design and the layering is fun and so balanced. Here is the layout I did, using Julie. It is.' kit Tomboy:
The end of the story: Cindy gave me a gift certificate and my mouth hit the ground...I went to her store (Sweet Shoppe Designs) and used the GC and hold on to your hats, I spent money! She is that good!!
See what I got:I can't wait to play with them. I want to do a page or three for the homeschool yearbook using these.



Lukasmummy said...

I have no issue with spending money lol. I know what you mean about her templates, I have bought every set she's put into her store at sweet shoppe designs and I have actually used them rather than just buying them because I had to have them lol. Cindy's really nice as well, I have had some really sweet comments from her. Can't wait to see how you use them. Hugs Crystal xx

Julie (It is.) said...

I do have major issues spending money, LOL, so I appreciate the importance. Glad you found something you love :)