Friday, April 16, 2010

Goin' to Grandparents!!

I'm rushing to get everything done!! We are going to my parents for the day! This is a big thing! Abby counts the days til we go, reminding me how long it has been since we last saw them. Anna promises not to eat everything Grandpa gives her, so she won't puke this time. Eric is non chalant, but he loves them so much. Then Gabriel is just happy to see what is on the TV, golf, fishing or his beloved Sponge Bob! ha ha
This week, Dawn Inskip made a beautiful kit about Grandparents, and called Grandparents 101, it is fabTABulous! You can pick it up at CatScrap or Pickle Berry PopI did two layouts, the first is my Dad with that face that my face seems to be becoming daily! lol I wish I could grow a beard! ha ha
He is teaching Eric how to fly a kite. This is the first time my parents had met Eric. I loved watching them as Grandparents!

You can see where I get more joy for life! My parents love life and this pic of my mom on the swing captures her perfectly! She was at the school park where I went to elementary school!! My girls were next to her and she was just kicking her legs back and forth swinging!
So-off to the shower and then await, my honey to get home from work, and then we are off to Napa!!! Enjoy your weekend, go by the kit and scrap some grandparent pics!


Chris said...

Wow, are you really leaving for Nepal? Have a safe trip and have fun. I'm enjoying reading your blogs, and looking at all those well-behaved children - Cya., chris

Chris said...

Okay, I thought you said Nepal (India), and now I see it's Napal. I had to Google and found Napal in the Philippines, or maybe there's a Napal in the States? Confused lady I am!

Anne of Alamo said...

It says NAPA ! ! !
Napa, California, I used 3 exclation points!