Monday, April 19, 2010

My hair is all gone....

Saturday, after fighting my Rosanna Rosanna Danna hairdo, I called around to find a place that didn't want $50 for a haircut. I found a reasonable place and they had an opening for 3:30pm. I went in and one Asian lady, and one "senior" lady with dyed red straight hair. I figured, the Asian lady took the phone call, she was gonna do me. I was right. I showed her a picture in a book...she said, yeah, yeah, I fix need wash and wear...fat cheeks, I fix you better.
I thought was she calling me "Fat Cheeks" or bringing the fact that I have fat cheeks to the forefront of our conversation. I am not shamed or embarrassed, I have had these jowls my whole life, my dad has them also. The older I get, I look in the mirror and chuckle about something funny my dad might have done. That is how I roll.
Anyway, back to the hairdresser. She laughs at my hair, that I have paint in it. She says, "How many kids your ages?" Aha, I am beginning to pick up her dialect...insane Asian lady. I tell her about my kids, she says, you need shampoo!
I got the best shampoo, I seriously could have gone to sleep, but she kept firing questions at me. I don't think I answered any of them right.
Then to the chair...where she combs out my hair and scoops the back up and cuts 6 inches off! My stomach flipped.
This is where the total acquiescing kicks in. Acquiese-To consent or comply passively or without protest. I now know that my hair is going to look nothing like the picture I showed her, and that I am going to a conference with my peers in 2 weeks and will be receiving many polite hello's and "did you do (as in what the heck did you do) something with your hair?"
This woman manipulated and twisted and cut and re-cut and pulled and cut more of my hair for the next 45 minutes.
I thought about time being saved, shampoo that wouldn't be needed...different ways to wear hats.
Then she finished and I loved is all shaped nice and my jowls needed the lift! I like it and made a little layout last night to show it off! Julie. My designing friend is releasing the kit on Friday, but is cool about me showing it off! She is like that!

So, I am now sporting a new do, 12 pounds weight loss, and today did 3 miles in 50 minutes. Walking, running is a long ways away! I want to sweat, not die.



KK said...

OH!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! That hair style soooooooo suits you!!! And here I sit looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket and hoping these darn springs I have for hair now loosen up a little in the next couple weeks!

Pressed Petals said...

Anne...I LOVE it! Honestly! Looking good! good for you...12 lbs!

Mariah said...

Anne, I love it! I. L.O.V.E. I.T. You look so cute! I can imagine the initial shock, but seriously, it's bouncy and kicky and sassy and fun! Like you! Does Tony like it? Can't wait to see you! I haven't been keeping in touch like I should, but we'll pick up where we left off, right? Can't wait!

Mariah said...

...and 12 pounds??? Awesome! Congratulations! :-) You will be a mere shadow of your former self! haha! Thinking about running myself. Used to do it some years ago and loved it but I got out of the habit. I'll have to work up to it again though.