Saturday, April 3, 2010

I got published! And forgot!

I didn't apply, so I guess that is why I put on the back burner of my brain! Sarah Barber of Sarah Barber Designs (pretty nifty name eh?) is one of the designers that lets me fiddle around with their designs. I babble....focus....focus....She is now going to be writing a monthly column in The Artisan Notebook. Sarah's column will be all about art journalling and all things vintage, so make sure you head on over to The Artisan Notebook site and grab yourself a copy. You can take out a 3 month subscription or purchase a one-off edition of the publication. And I believe you will find a discount coupon to Sarah's store on page 89 of the April edition and look out for Sarah's column on pages 22 and 23.My layout is with Irene's on page 23!! The aTc was made with Sarah's prompt in The Artisan Notebook, and using Sarah Barber's kit; For the Birds.
Sarah is uber talented! I am very happy on her team, I get a bit of a giggle and wow whenever I open her kits. aTc's are dear to Sarah's heart and her CT team..which I am we have a blog to help you play with aTcs!
The third challenge is up right now, and a beautiful aTc mixed bag v.3 has been released to help you in the don't have to use the kit, but oh you will so want to, look at the colors:
Incentive: Sarah has just released ATC Mixed Bag v.3 into her Digiridoo Scraps store, and she's offering it to you for 50% off! Go to the her CT Blog; Beautiful Gems for details on the challenge and the coupon code!!! This is my aTc for the challenge! Simple Things! :)
Whew! That was alot of words..I gotta go.

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Rebecca said...

OMG, Anne!!!! I am SOOOO proud of you! Congratulations!! I can only imagine how happy you are! Woot woot!!!! Sending you big congratulatory hugs!! (((((hugs))))))
Happy Easter!