Monday, January 22, 2007

Playing Mrs. Cleaver Today

I am a homemaker. I love it. I love the day's schedule changes. Sometimes I can read a magazine with the cat in my lap at a leisurely pace, other times I can't find the cat because the laundry is piled so high! (probably to much leisurely pace).
Today was a good day for me as a homemaker. I have speghetti sauce simmering, bread rising, vacumned and dusted front room, and my white (curse the person who put that in) tile kitchen/dining room is scrubbed clean. I have candles burning, and a shower is right around the corner for me.
I will pick up my four kids and the boistrous bubble of noise that enters the house will fill the rooms to the brim with the reason I am a homemaker. My husband works very hard so I can be home and be mom all the time. When he comes home, having dinner ready and the kids done with school and excited to see him is a wonderful thing.
So I have to go and shower and put on my pearls.

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