Sunday, January 21, 2007

I think I need a hall pass

I remember taking art classes in school because I love the thought of creating. I sat in a room of people that could draw anything and make it look incrediable. I was impressed and have always loved art. But I felt out of sorts in the class, and spent most of my time with a hall pass going to the bathroom. I made a pumpkin out of clay, and was so proud of that pumpkin as I had mixed glazes to get the most (I believed) color of burnt pumpkin. The pumpkin had a kind of comical look, but that glaze. I entered it in the show at end of year. I stood by to listen for glowing reports from the onlookers...giggles and mockings is all I heard.
A few years ago, I signed up for a class called, "drawing for those who think they can't" I bought all the supplies and tentively entered the class, asking, "is this the class for those who want to but can't draw?" The teacher in a moment of humur deadpanned back, "nope, only those who can draw and know it are welcome" I burst into tears. Luckily the teacher was kind and backpeddled and I went to this class and think I learned alot in it.
I want you to know, I am not a shy person, I am very charasmatic about life in general, but sometimes feel a bit small in the art world. This challenge is very very challenging. I hate to give up...but I think I may need a hall pass.
I tried to push this one thru, I am very limited as I do all on the puter...I began with my background book, I am using maps thruout the challenge. I cut up the elements for tummy already tightening. First one: 3-D. How the heck do you do that with digi scrapping? a ha! I remember some duct tape pics, now I love duct tape! That works, I feel calm, I can do this!! Next was SAND, oh please! I got some overlays that looked like sanding, well kinda, and tried it...I am not pleased with my work.

Next, is paper, yeah, I can do paper...that is what I have paper! I can do this....I think I struggled more on finding paper...I had it in my head but felt like my arms had been cut off and I couldn't type. I finally found some, it was okay, then next was picture...I had this really cute pic of a cat that just look so much like I thought this is it.
Then I got chalk, then smudge and it went down hill, next was charcoal. My tummy is in knots...and I am trying to bake a cake with ketchup and socks...wrong ingredients for this recipe. This part of the challenge is not possible for me and digi scrapping to the degree I know it. I will stay tuned Thursday for next part, and look at each of the final products as a woman who loves art, dabbles here and there, and sometimes can do it, but this time I am the audience cheering and clapping loudly for you!

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