Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In the beginning....

Hello! I am plunging into the blog world. I hope to muse about my frugal shopping in a life with 4 kids, a loving husband and the wild time serving Jesus Christ with all my heart. I invite you to step into my life and laugh at my jokes when funny and learn as I learn.
I first learned about blogging about a month ago, as I frantically found freebie after freebie to make my scrapbooks more and more fun! I stumbled across so many blogs of ladies that were giving away scrapbook kits, papers, alphas, and embellishments and along with the freebies were lives behind the blog. I loved meeting them on the web! So I am beginning a little blog to allow them to meet me.

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Welcome Anne! Maybe I be the first to congratulate you on starting a blog! Beware: It's addictive!
I am so happy to welcome you to the Cabinet of natural curiosities challenge starting tomorrow!
I look forward to seeing your creations! I hope you have all your goodies ready!!!:)