Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day is Done

Dinner is served, warm and hearty Shepherd's Pie. Thursday evenings are crazy, my hubby teaches a New Convert Class for New Believers in our church and I take the kids and do fun things with them.

Tonite we are learning the 10 commandments. I love teaching this to the kids, they pick it up so fast and we have a lot of giggles doing it. My boys went with hubby to help set up the childrens church area, and the girls and I are headed out in a minute.
I wanted to move the review layout so ya'll can see my family and glimpse into our lives.
I tried to organize my hard pictures...pre digital camera days and got so overwhelmed. I am at such a lost on how to start. I am struggling because I want to layout pictures of my oldest when he first came to our home and hearts. (my children are all adopted from foster and all came to us when they were 4 years old) I want to do scrapping without organizing first, bad idea!

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Sharon said...

Hey, It's alright to do scrapping without organizing first. If you wait to organize, you will never get those pages done. Just start with your favorite picture or group of pictures and do a page. It is also good to start with today's pic and go backwards if you like. Your Exploring Freedom page is just wonderful. If this is new to you, it sure doesn't show. Your collage is wonderful, I have such a strugle with collage. Looks like it comes natural to you. Sorry, I didn't mean to go on and on.
Sharon @norah'S