Monday, August 5, 2013

New Month and Life is Changing Again!

It is August, and in New Mexico, that means Green Chili's are roasting! The smell is divine,and the taste beyond anything I can describe.  This also means back to school! This year, I am no longer a home schooling mom.
Wow! That is weird to write and obscure to think about.  I really have enjoyed having my kids around for the past 5 years.  Mr. E starts his 2nd semester of college in a few weeks, but we are gonna work him in the mean time.  The walk way Tony and the boys made me for my birthday last Thanksgiving will be finished! That is shouting stuff!
Today is our last Monday before school starts, so as usual, we do massive clean and organize.  The carport was the chore today.  I went to exercise at the gym at 9 and as I peddled up on my bike, the kids were already butt kicking moving all the stuff out! It was awesome! We moved everything, sprayed for bugs, hosed off the dirt, and got some fly traps! With rain comes the flies, like crazy!
Here is the before picture:

Now look at it:

Pure wonderful! Gabe is taking apart our extra bike for parts and then it will be gone.  The littles are slapping flies on the cement! Gross, yeah, they are all boy! DEeeeescusting! lol The breeze that comes thru here into the house is so nice!
Here are a couple layouts I did last week for the-Lily Pad:
my beloved, took so many photos of him making faces, but my favorite part is our children in the background, totally clueless to Dad's antics.

This is made with so many and only with the 
Build Your Own Collab (byoc) from the-Lily Pad for August!
I bought this kit; After the Rain by Little Butterfly Wings back during the insane page a day challenge here at the Lily Pad.
I have used it so many times, it is by far one of my favorites and it is on
sale today with the SOSN sale! 

my baby boy in need of a nap at SeaWorld, just so tired and grumpy...but isn't he still soooooooooooo cute? lol
I was a fat chick, and I am for the fat chick. To get up and walk. To the corner and back...til finally I made it up the mountain above our town EVERYDAY. I get to the top and slap the wall and say.
This is for the FAT chick.
I mean it as this is for the one who thinks it is too hard, to touch and impossible...I did it and I slap that wall to prove it!

some August 2013 BYOC that meld together so perfectly from 
Allison Pennington La Di Da and Little Butterfly Wings- Missing YOU
The desert has some wild and beautiful storms...we can usually see them approach..this is one that was taken out the window at 75mph, by my very patient husband!
I am a bit addicted to Amy Martin's templates and
her Shaped Up v6 Banners are awesome
Then add a bit of Val's
Storm Chasers
and oh be still my heart
CD's Clear Skies alpha
all but the template are 
in the SOSN sale at the-lily pad

It's shower and nap time for me. Big revival with Jerry Fussel this week at church, and I need to be ready! Hope to keep this up a bit more!

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coinmagnate said...

lol...I love the face in the car layout. That's just a great family scrap.