Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boot Camp for My Bigs

Yep! We sent all 4 of our Bigs to a Believer's Bootcamp! They wanted to to go! It was a sacrifice, but I think they totally enjoyed it. It is called Enlisted 2 Endure. They really do focus on the relationship with Jesus Christ.  Dealing with family issues, attitudes and peer pressure that is real and getting tougher and tougher to overcome.  The kids left on Monday Morning, Mom was a bit nervous.
There was a ton of stuff to get for them. Jeans, sleeping bags, tshirts and more.  They look so calm.  I was wanting them to get the most out of it as possible.
They went with a few other teens from the church and this past Sunday, they were honored in the PM Sunday service:
Eric is on the far left. He does the sound for church so is hanging there until the boots are called.  You can see Gabe in front. He was the one who called the instructions.  He loved it!  The boy so wants to be in the military. Oh help this momma!

 The did dress right dress, present arms, some right and left facing, and about face.
Pastor was also one of the DIs at the boot camp, and although he was their DIs, he talked with each child's DI, and said the nicest things about our children.  Then each boot gave a testimony of how they enjoyed it.

Abby looks so serious.  She was the one I was the most "worried" about.  She is sensitive, and she had a blast!  She did it, and I am rather proud of her too.

Anna had us all rolling. Apparently Pastor got the scoop on her inability to go right or left.  The common heard phrase, was YOUR OTHER Right BOOT!  I was laughing so hard.  She is a goober, but all ours!
Gabe is totally into this. They have obstacle course, paintball and challenges that he thrives in.  He didn't even look nervous, just smiled and took it like a soldier!
The boots practiced late all week, and did a song from the Boot Camp that they loved.  This was Gabe's first time on the drums, and Eric's first on the bass. Mom was so impressed!

 They are some amazing teenagers. We are proud as can be of them and hope they are able to go next year.  They have to earn the money next year.  This was a one time Parent Paid trip!

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