Friday, August 9, 2013

Aquatic Park Part two!

Last year, right after we got the boys, in June we took them to Las Cruces (indoor)Aquatic Park.  It was insane. They had the a/c blasting, the water was freezing, and none of the little's could swim.  Recipe for disaster.  We survived and a bit more than a year has passed.  Friday we went back. All can swim, although Whitley is still a bit scared of the water, he pushes it to hang with everyone.
It was great! They have the doors open, so the air from outside (hot, hot, hot) comes in the place. We knew it wasn't an all day event, so planned on 2 hours, and it was perfect!
We drove in first to get Abby's glasses(she broke them earlier in the month).  Then to a couple stores for things we can't get in Alamo.  Hobby Lobby, mall and Jack n Box for lunch!
See what a difference a year makes:
Davondre last year:
Bondre this year:

Love that smile! He is a fish, loves the water and will just be in his own little world for hours as long as there is water!
Then Jordan last year with Abby:
Then this year, he worked a bit with Dad, and no life jacket needed at all! 

Whitley last year, was attached to me! I felt like I had a barnacle! He would not take off that life jacket for nothing!
 I snuggled him this year, but only in between him going down the slide alone!

This photo of ABBY makes me smile: 

 I think Tony and I look a whole lot more relaxed this year too! It was a great day and a good end to the summer!

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