Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life is Amazing! but Cancer still sucks (sorry mom, but the word fits)

This has been a wild week! Emotional and then some.  One of those weeks that makes you reevaluate life.  My little, no baby, yikes, my younger brother; Danny was diagnosed with some wicked cancer and started radical drug therapy.  Just like that. Boom.
Growing up, the word sucks was not allowed in the house, my mom had this thing about it.  I am the same with friggin' and my teen boys use it to push me over the edge I believe.  But that is another story, my edge.
The only way to describe cancer is it sucks.  It sucks the air out of those it affects, their parents, and their friends and family.
My brother is a survivor, and stubborn.
He is gonna have  No evidence of disease! NED, that is the term he is believing for and me too!
I have been piddling around the house, making pages here and there, trying to stay busy. 
The six school age kids are all registered.
The bigs are going to a Christian BootCamp Monday, and are all packed.
Tony is in Roswell with an Impact Team for a Healing Crusade tonight.
We have a concert tonight, so I am full, and keeping my mind from wandering.
Cancer sucks!

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Julz said...

Sniff! Great page my friend. Praying for you and Danny. HUGS!