Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pancake kinda day!

Great morning! Little Man (J) had a follow up appointment for his front teeth. They thought he was going to need silver caps! Yikes, I was thinking, the boy does not need a silver grill! The dentist was hilarious, and said, that is just silly, he is 5, they are gonna fall out in 3-6 months.  Lets do a local and small filing and make him happy! It made Mom very happy.  They did give me some extra strength fluoride to floss and brush on before bed to help keep that cavity from growing!
We got home a bit later than expected, so I missed the work out at the gym.  So hey, lets make pancakes, with peanut butter and chocolate chips in them! oh course! They were awesome, and.....we went to the pool!
The SLIDE IS FINALLY open! lol, school starts Monday, and the slide is done! Perfect timing! snort!
 Abby coming on down!!
 Jordan with a big smile! All by himself!
 Whitley was satisfied with the little slide, then mom took him on her lap.  He loved the big slide, but only with Mom!
 Anna and Bondre at the top of the slide
 Anna breaking the rules head first and on her tummy!!
 Isn't that beautiful? I just so enjoyed the weather yesterday, two hours in the pool, laughing with my crazy kids!
 J and Gabe in an intense water fight.
 Eric our friendly neighborhood sniper.  Punk got me right in the kisser!
 Jordan hung tough against his big brothers!
 It was a frenzy fun time.
 Whitley drinks more pool water I believe!
 oh and DaVondre down the slide, like his big sister! lol
are all those kids with us? yep!
We snacked on the pancakes, laughed and swam and just enjoyed the end of our summer!

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