Saturday, September 14, 2013

A week in the Life!

I tried P365, in 2010, took 100 pics on Jan 1st, and made it about 2 weeks and just crumbled.  I am just not a long term project person.  Then last week, my friend and co-Polly at the Lily Pad brought up A Week in the Life on THIS THREAD. I was intrigued and figured I could take photos for a week.
I told my family, and even my oldest, who isn't a fan of the camera was obliging. I snapped like a mad woman on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, slowed a bit.  Today is Saturday, and I am still snapping.  I have made a few pages and have them uploaded to make books. YES, mom, a copy is coming your way!! lol
I did this last one for Monday as a double page, but am going to have to redo.  The journaling will be lost in the CRACK of the book.  lol, but here is the original for now:
Six pages for Monday, it goes down to 4 for Tuesday, and I will post those tomorrow!
Everything here is from the LILY pad!

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