Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pages Scrapped and Babble!

Spring break continues, this morning with my oldest (who never gets sick) puking and all that.  Poor baby, missed for the first time a college class.  He was trying to do most of it online, but was just too sick.  His professor gave a pass! I was so happy, I wanted to bake her cookies.  I refrained.  You can see I did think of my baby boy as I made this page from Jan 2013:
Eric's First day of college:
My boy is grown, no more photos with teacher...sniff sniff, but he did stop as he was leaving on his first day of college. I snapped the photo, he left and I burst into tears. Crazy.
Amy Martin's Stamped Alphas
Valorie Wibbens Masking Tape Alpha
Little Butterfly Wings collab with Mari Koegelenberg A is for Awesome
Yeah, weird feeling to have a kid in college and one in preschool! That brings me to my next page. Yesterday was our one year anniversary bringing the boys home.  Oh we just sat and pondered the changes in all of us yesterday.
One year ago today we met the boys and brought them home
I have never felt such real fear to the point of vomiting and shaking uncontrollable. This was the toughest thing we have done as a couple and as a family. Adopting 3 boys, raw and hurting was tough but we made it through the year.

This page was made thru tears this evening, as soon as I saw
Little Butterfly Wings Wonders of MOtherhood
I knew this page would be born
The flair of the woman thinking, the hand next to her face, brought the emotions of a year ago bubbling to the surface.
I delight in being able to scrap these emotions, and thank the ladies here at the lily pad for their talent.
I also used the papers and additional word art that come with Little Butterfly's creation
Kim Jensen's Damaged Goods
CD's Circle Werx
Lynn-Maries Misty Alphas and BoHo Bliss
Sara Gleasons NectarVol one{paint}
Paislee Press Cards no. 24
and ViVa Artistry skin to skin handprints
Then it was an Abby day, this photo is from 2004, when she was only 4 years old, going off the diving board! It has some spelling errors, but I will fix before I print! lol
Thank you for the FREE template Amy! and I love it, had a blast from the past with a photo of my now 13 year old daughter, jumping off the diving board! My daredevil!
I played with
Twiddle Twiddle the whole bundle by Pink Reptile Designs
Lynn-Marie's PL Doodle Blocks
Then a double page from a few years back at Collin's Lake in California...Abby and water!
I used 
Sabrina Dupre's Celebrate Summer Journal cards 
and her
Celebreate Summer elements and Papers

That's it for now, but I have a few more in the wings! Great time guesting at the Lily Pad!

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