Thursday, April 4, 2013

Learning that Good Behavior Gets Rewarded!

When the boys started preschool, kinder and 1st grade this year, their behavior was not to good. Their self-control was a bit, shall I say, non-existent? We tried different things, naps, no snacks and then came upon what worked. A reward of lunch from McDonald's with mom.
Little Man made his full week and I just picked him up at lunch and we had fun eating at Micky D's. He was very mature eating his food, and explaining to me how good he really was all week. Hilarious!

Then DaVondre had his, and it was pure fun watching him
S0, today was Whitley's day. I got there straight up 11am, and hear, MOM! MOM! I am right here!! There is my boy, with the biggest smile ever. I could have eaten him up.  I came in and smiled, and we enjoyed lunch. Bondre was waiting in line and a bit sad.  I showed him my french fries and said they were for him! A big smile, and then we gave him the soda too.

One happy boy! I love the love he showed me, and am pretty proud of how far these precious boys have come! 

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