Monday, April 8, 2013

first day of Spring Break

After two totally relaxing days with my hubby, Monday came. No homeschool, and no public school.  Little Jordan has half day at pre-school, but that is fun time!
Honey and I woke up for our morning walk, and it was nice out, but it was a tough walk, my heel was killing me and I felt like I was walking thru thick tar.  But we pushed it thru! yeah!
Jordan is up at the butt crack of dawn, so he snuggled for 20 minutes or so with me in the living room.  He jumped on trampoline for a bit in his jammies and then had some yogurt.  He got dressed and brushed his teeth and the Whitley and DaVondre were stirring.
The twins are at friends house, so no sign of them. Gabe and Eric still out after a late night playing basketball!
I bundled Jordan up for preschool, told D and W I would be back.
Got home to laughter...that is a good thing.
Feed the boys, they cleaned their room, and separated their laundry! We are moving! Out the door, boys on bikes, and me out there scrubbing windows with vinegar! I got the nasty hard water off them! I am pretty excited about that.
Eric had college so he was gone for the morning, and I tasked Gabe to make the basketball hoop shorter! He did awesome, and we NEEDed basketballs! So to Kmart, for some right sized balls! Happy boys!
Did a quick jump to Big5 for shoes! Yes! The ones I love, Asics on sale and on my feet out the door!
I can already feel the difference in my heel!
Home to feed the munchkins, Gabe begins to replace bike tubes.  We are putting in these bad hummers that are tubeless, and no more flats.  We live in the desert and spikeys are horrible.
Whitley and I go pick up Jordan, come home for some more basketball, and spend time with my honey for lunch!.
Gabe and DaVondre to bike park, Eric to do homework, and Jordan, Whitley and I go to PNutButter and a Baseball park! Whitley saw a snake!! for reals! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, in a hole, I saw it after...eeeeeeeeeeeeep!
Sprinklers on at park, mom is in great mood, go for it, play.  They do, Jordan falls, butt in the mud! Hilarious!
Home we walk with muddy shoes and all! thank goodness for the porty potty, cause I was in need!  Home to get the boys semi-naked of the mud, have a frozen gogurt, and quick showers. Jordan down for a nap, Eric takes Whitley for outing here and there, and I do laps in the house!
DaVondre's chain is having problems, so they went to Dorris'.  Eric came home called, and now 4 of them are at the Dorris' helping with the cooler!
I am smiling at the day.....pure wonderful!

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