Friday, September 9, 2011

The Day to Catch Up

Sitting down to a big bowl of healthy shredded wheat with some lovely white sugar baked right on to it! I think it is my energy yumminess...I was feeling rather yuck yesteday.  My head wanted to explode off my body, and I was willing to look into blood letting due to the pressure in my head.  I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 6:15am feeling like a new woman.
So life gets a bit of catch I let the laundry dry I thought I should show some pictures.
Ahhh...can't you just smell that goodness? I love my clothesline. 

Last month the girls turned 12.  They were so excited, and one of the family traditions is you pick where we eat that night.  The girls picked The Empire Buffet in Las Cruces.  They had requested some new clothes for their birthday....but wanted to shop for them. *insert here Mom buys baby things...hahaha
So, they were so surprised to receive a little stereo for a present (along with some Gift Certificates for a local teen store).
They were so excited and it has a remote! They are so cute, they set it up all by themselves and lay on their beds and push that remote! I love it!
Then Eric surprised us all with octopus on his plate:
Sorry for the was gross...oh my gosh...Eric is our picky eater, but he just got a wild hair and wanted to try it.
The Gabriel tried it! I was laughing so hard at these boys.  They are hilarious, just like their dad! hahahaha
Anna was disgusted, I mean totally!
Then we got our fortune cookies, this was mine:
 Oh how I do appreciate the peeps God has surrounded me with, especially my family.  Group shot!!
Time to bring in the laundry! Hope you enjoyed the post!


Crystal Jeffers said...

Anne~ I love it. Anthony eats strange seafood all the time. He does not like octopus though, He does love just about anything in a shell though. LOL
I tried a clothes line here for several months and the air is so damp that the clothes took forever to dry! Its no wonder that the people had to bring the clothes in on racks in front of the fire. :)

blogdude said...