Friday, September 2, 2011

Playing with Paula Kesselring's Travels @ SBG

Now, Scrapbook Graphics is an ICON in the digital scrapbooking world.  Maya has kept some awesome designers there for a long time, and she is always amazing me by bringing in guests and fun new people...I squealed with delight when Paula Kesselring told us she was guesting at SBG!! I don't know who was more excited, Paula or me?? haha  I so enjoy the folks at SBG, and it is like having best friends met each other.  I also think Paula's red @ is so dynamically beautiful!
I love the Traveler series that Paula has been doing, and she has a special Italy one for SBG!  I had to grab that and play!! This kit is huge!! I mean huge!! One hundred and nine wicked cool elements! There are also 21 papers and a brush set that is just fun to have just to fiddle.  I knew immediately I was gonna show off my meatball sandwich recipe, but didn't want it to be just a recipe card.  This kit has the most fantastic real items, that you can do recipes, pizza fun nights, trips to Italy or just an evening at Olive Garden...bhahahaha
I have to admit, I had a hankering for a meatball sandwich by the time I finished playing with the kit!  I hope you love it enough to go and get this kit!

Now, if you have an inkling of Paula's generosity, you know she is going to have a sale.  Check this out:
Just click on the ad and it will bring you right to Paula @ SBG!!


paula kesselring said...

You're sooooo sweet !!!I'm really excited with my guest spot but you're too!LOL
I'm so happy to be a september guest on SBG!!!It's an honor!!!!
BTW I love you blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, that food makes me hungry!!!