Wednesday, September 28, 2011

21 days in Public School

Quick update!  The kids had their lists, we fought the masses at Wal-Mart for the correct folders, locks, USBs and backpacks.  It was insane, I grumbled through it all.  Then mass registration.  Four children mean major paperwork.  The rules and regulations for school bewildered me all over again.  I psyched myself up for me time, alone for hours!  Lab fees, PE uniforms, physicals and renting of scientific calculators. The costs of public school is driving me to the poor house.  On the list is 4 boxes each of tissues.  I revolt.  NO! I will take a string and attach a roll of toilet paper to it.  This is beyond ridiculous.
Breathe in, breathe out.
School starts, giggles, pictures taken:
 Off they went, at 8am.  I was a free woman til 3:30pm.  My oldest would roll in from high school at about 4pm. The homework and stories of school would fill the next hour and a half.  I would try and help with homework while cooking dinner, insane time.  After dinner, finishing up the rest of the homework.  I am perplexed, they are at school for over 7 hours, why is there 2 more hours of homework?  We press on. 
My house becomes cleaner than ever, I organize my kitchen.  I begin to cook new and fancy meals.
I miss my kids.
We are in revival, this means church every night.  Crazy toss dinner down our gullets, bring your books, do the homework in the seats.  I hate this.  The kids have the best attitude.
I miss my kids.
Did I mention, we are also in the process of adopting more children.  The foster system here in New Mexico is wonderful, but the process is insane.  So Tony and I are in class on the nights we don't have church. 
I miss my kids.
It is now Thursday, the 15th of September, the kids have been in school 21 days.  Anna is lost in her math homework, again.  I am angry, and refuse to get mad at my kids for not understanding.  I spout off, I am 2 seconds from pulling you all and homeschooling.
I tell them all, sorry and that I am just frustrated.
I miss you guys, alot.
This prompts Anna to say,
Can we come home again and you teach us?
Eric says, you already know I want too...
Gabriel tells us he is so stressed at school, every morning he just knows he will forget something.
Abby is in the bathroom.  hahaha
We have this deep discussion, and when she comes out, she says, yeah, I want to do it!
Tony comes home a few minutes later, I meet him outside and explain.
He says oh YES!
I google homeschool New Mexico!

How do I establish a home school?
Parents/Legal Guardians must notify the state of the establishment of a home school via the home school web site (electronically), or send written notification to the Secretary of Education at 300 Don Gaspar Santa Fe, NM 87501-2786 (Attention: Home School Notification) within thirty (30) days of establishment of a Home School and re-notify on or before April 1st of each year thereafter.
What are the requirements?
The home school operator must:
  • be the parent or the legal guardian
  • have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • keep a calendar in their own files showing that they are teaching the child(ren) at least 180 days out of the school year
  • keep a copy of their own diploma or degree in their own files
  • keep a copy of the child(ren)'s immunization records or objection to immunization waiver form in their own files
  • send electronic or written notification to the Secretary of Education within thirty (30) days of the Home School's establishment
  • must renew the home school's establishment every year on or before April 1st by submitting written notification
I submit the electronic notification, get a nifty little number and we are now Square Oaks Academy (the New Mexico campus).
Friday, Dad goes with us, and we withdraw from the schools, returning, the calculator, the books and getting our locks and refund for the labs/choir/chorus back!
We are homeschoolers again!

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Keri Jo said...

A BIGGGG WOOOO HOOOO to you Anne. Everything you described was what we went through and how I felt. (only mine were only in 3rd and 1st grades!!) I missed my kids so much too. Throw the stress out the door! We start up again on Monday after a month off from loving on the new baby and my kids have been begging to start this week cuz they miss it too!